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SealTech Leak Testing

Tonie's RV is an Authorized SealTech Leak Testing Facility. We can provide you with a complete water leak test of your RV. The SealTech system takes the guesswork out of finding water leaks. Find and repair water leaks before damage occurs. All units 2 years old and older should have this test done.

How this testing works:

The SEALTECH system makes use of a very simple fact. Air flowing through an opening covered with a soapy water ("surfactant") solution produces a bubble precisely at the opening. The system draws outside air into the RV via the roof vent, where it is dispersed, creating a positive interior pressure. This pressure difference causes air to flow outward through any outer skin faults. The application of a soapy water solution to suspicious areas of the outer skin results in a very visible bubble exactly over each fault. "The Bubbles show the LEAK".

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